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Damp Proofing

Wetherprufe Coatings Wales has over 30 years experience in eliminating penetrating damp and offer a range of guaranteed damp proof coatings, renders and treatments that waterproof, protect and eliminate penetrating damp in walls.

Damp problems in the home

Choosing our coatings will result in:


No more damp patches or black mold


Damp walls can be allowed to dry out


No musty damp smells


No more repeated interior redecoration

"All work guaranteed for 15 years"


As reproduced from the University of Portsmouth website on testing the insulation effects :

” They built a small scale brick house and used a 40 watt light bulb as the heating source. They controlled the outside temperature and humidity and fixed the internal temperature at 20C. The energy consumption to maintain the internal temperature was measured before and after the application of the water proofing chemicals to the exterior walls of the test house. With external temperatures of 0 C and 80 per cent humidity, energy consumption reduced by nine per cent. When the external temperature was increased to 10 C energy reduction dropped to five per cent. But a second experiment with ‘rain’ resulted in a 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption. Dr Zhongyi Zhang from the University’s Department of Mechanical and Design Engineering said: “Moisture increases the thermal conductivity of bricks and mortar. By keeping the brickwork dry we can significantly improve its insulation properties and there will be no cooling effects from water vaporisation. The concept is simple but effective and should work particularly well in the UK climate and north Europe.”

Insulating Wall Coatings

Wethertex offer a unique range of clear and coloured insulating wall coatings that will keep the bricks – and stone , blockwork or cement  – dry and breathable to bring about this extra insulation performance in the wet winter months when it is most needed. With ever increasing energy bills every little helps  , both in saving money and in saving CO2 emissions.

To find out how affordable our micro-porous exterior insulating coatings are please CALL US FREE ON 0800 298 0154 or send an email for free expert guidance.

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