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External Wall Heavy Duty Coatings

Wetherprufe Coatings Wales use Wethertex®, a resin based exterior textured wall coating as opposed to acrylic or silicon wall coatings due to its exceptional all round ability. This Pliolite resin base was developed in partnership with Goodyear® to deliver exceptional quality. Pliolite resin wall coatings like Wethertex® enable the wall coating to be more breathable and waterproof than any other acrylic or silicon based wall coating, and are also suitable for all year round application.


House painting in Swansea


House painting in Swansea

"A total house transformation"

Why people choose our wall coatings:


Maintenance free and guaranteed for 15 years!


Up to 20 times thicker than conventional wall paint.


Prevents internal damp and penetration.




Microporous, breathable and waterproof.

Flexes with the house, so our coatings will never crack or peel.

Resists dirt, mould and algae so your home always looks its' best. 

All textured coatings in South Wales have a 15 year guarantee


Instantly improves your property value.


Never have to paint again!

We offer an extensive range of colour options

Weatherproof textured coatings have a wide colour range to choose from

No colour? No Problem! 

Clear Coating Protection

Introducing WetherDry!

WetherDry is the latest product from Wethertex.

Constant attack by water can seriously degrade traditional brick and stone causing penetrating damp problems to the wall construction leading to expensive repairs. Some home owners want to keep the traditional look of their homes and choose against a coloured coating leaving their external walls open to the elements. 

WetherDry keeps all of the same protective qualities of our other products but drys as a clear coating. Once applied, the water just bounces off keeping the walls dry and free from water damage.

Waterproofing for exterior house walls

The adjacent image shows deep penetration into the brickwork, you can see the darker area where WetherDry has initially penetrated.

Each coating also comes with 25 Years of protection for your property against the elements. 

Waterproofing for exterior house walls

"Permanent, breathable & clear waterproof coating"

Reasons why people choose WetherDry:

Energy Saving! Lower your property's energy bills.

Waterproof to prevent penetrating damp. 

Long term protection for your home and low maintenance. 

Unique Nano Technology design.

Highly Polymer modified.

Clear drying and Water Repellent.

Alternative Coating Options 

Pliolite Thin Coat Render

We offer a render product that has the same properties and benefits as our other Wethertex products and is a superior alternative to K-Rend. Pliolite Thin Coat Render is a premium quality, long life, through-coloured, thin-coat render which is formulated based on Pliolite Resin Technology. This product will not only fully waterproof your property and create a beautiful finish, but will also allow the building to breathe naturally due to its high vapour transmission rate, this in combination with Pliolite resins high adhesion
quality ensures that your property will be protected with the best quality wall
coating technology available on the market.

House painting in Swansea
House painting in Swansea

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